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From: Michael DaVinci
Subject: He Had to Find Out Off Lolita
part 4Casey's mind began working right away on his new questions. Does part of me
like boys? Am I still attracted to girls? Or am I gay? How do I find out?
Should I try it with John? Am I bisexual too? His head buzzed with these new
thoughts, and he was scarcely aware of John as they walked silently back
towards their tent.But as they approached their campground, he sensed a change in John. Their
casual touch as they walked had given way to John clasping Casey's hand
firmly, as a girlfriend and boyfriend Off Lolita might do. He caught John staring at
him when they stopped in front of the tent, and there was something in the
dreamy look in John's eyes that began to disturb him. But then it vanished
abruptly, leaving Casey wondering whether he had imagined it after all."Let's lie down inside for a while," suggested John. "You still haven't told
me what happened with Yvette that left you in such despair."The whole scene with Yvette replayed in Casey's mind. He sighed and said,
"It's a long story. Let me curl up with you first and then I will fill you
in."Casey followed John into the tent, and when John lay down on his right side
on the sleeping bag, Casey folded himself within John's arms and snuggled
his back into John's warm body. He sighed a deep sigh and began his story."I feel like I have been squeezed through a ringer three times already
today," he started. "First Beth ambushed me over lunch and I blew my load
all over your father's leg. Then Amy completely ignored me when Michael came
around. Then Yvette and I hit it off until she noticed that I was only rock
hard when Michael came near us. Now she thinks I'm gay." He sighed again and
pressed closer to his friend.Casey felt John's arms tighten around his chest. "Well I guess I have some
stories of my own to tell," John responded. "I've been looking forward to
today for a long time, ever since you wanted to come along with us and see
what a nudist resort is like. I've even had fantasies about jerking off with
you." Casey felt John's head nuzzling him. Then John's warm breath on his
neck, followed by light kisses on his shoulder.Casey cringed. This isn't what I am looking for! he thought. Why couldn't
Yvette do that to me? He pulled away abruptly, turning so that he could look
John in the eye. "No way, man, you are not turning gay on me, you bastard!
What's the matter with you?"He stared into John's eyes and immediately recognized in them a look of deep
hurt and dismay. "Oh shit, man," stammered Casey. "I didn't mean to hurt
you! So maybe you are gay, or bi or whatever. That's OK, I don't mind. But
it's not me, no way!"Then the tears he saw forming in John's eyes told him something more. "I
think I'm falling in love with you," squeaked John.Jesus! Don't even think that! Off Lolita Casey's mind screamed. He held John back with
a hand on his chest as John reached for Casey's shoulders to try to pull him
closer. "I love you too, man, but not that way!" retorted Casey. "Just
because you are getting into boys doesn't mean that I have to.""So what is that thing all about, then, eh?" asked John, raising his
eyebrows at Casey's rock hard cock pointing at him."Shit! I've been hard since I arrived, that doesn't mean anything!"
protested Casey again, this time pushing John even farther away."Well it does for me!" continued John. "It happens to me when you are
around! And you admitted you were hot for Michael, too, just like me."The thought of Michael's hot body strengthened Casey's erection even more.
"Damn, I don't know what that means!" he replied. "I really don't know what
I am anymore. I just know that I need to find out a lot more about myself
than I thought. But I know I am not gay. I just can't be - my parents would
disown me.""It seems to me you are avoiding finding out for sure," challenged John.
"And you keep talking about getting answers to questions, but I don't think
you are ready to accept what you may find!""So what do you think I should do?" asked Casey defiantly."Make love to me - as if you meant it," pleaded John. "Then you'll know for
sure and whatever the answer is, you won't have to keep fighting it.""How do I know you aren't trying to make me gay?" countered Casey."I couldn't make you anything," shot back John. "You are whatever you are!
It's not me that's making that dick of yours so hard. How can I get that
through your head?" John's tears started rolling again.Casey flushed. Hard as it was to admit, John had a point. Off Lolita He did enjoy being
naked with John. He was excited. Except Off Lolita for John being in love with him all
of a sudden, he was happy to be here and he had felt very safe, at least at
first, all snuggled into John's arms.Why does this have to be so complicated? Casey asked himself. So what if I
am into boys? Is that so bad? I wonder what it would feel like. Maybe it's
not the end of the world. Maybe I am looking at this all backwards.Casey reached over and drew his friend close to him again. John buried his
head in Casey's shoulder and started sobbing. Casey just let him cry, so
that he could let the tension go. But he found himself holding John tighter,
and shedding silent tears himself, as John poured out his grief.After a few minutes he sensed John finally slowing down, his sobs choking
him less and less. Finally his friend took a deep breath against Casey's
chest. Then Casey saw John's eyes pop open and look straight at him. "Well,"
whispered John. "You haven't answered me yet!"Casey took his own deep breath and stared back at John. He could feel John's
warm body against him, their feet entangled, their thighs pressing, their
firm erections poking each other's stomachs, their chests touching together,
heaving alternately as each breathed. Casey's body spoke first as he pressed
his hips and groin harder against John and felt the urgency of his own
arousal."OK," conceded Casey. "Let's do it. You're probably right. I have to find
out. But don't read too much into it. Promise me you'll let me decide what
it means for me," he added."I'll be good," promised John as he planted a kiss on Casey's forehead. "It'
s a deal."At this point, Casey took hold of himself and resumed his hunt for answers.
Just do it! he coached himself. You can figure out what it means later. And
whatever it means, you're better off knowing it than denying it.With that he held John's face in his hands and planted a long and deep kiss
on his lips. Then Casey grasped John in his arms and pulled him even closer
until he could feel every part of his friend's warm, young body pressed into
his own. He humped his hips against John's until both their penises were on
fire. He shot his tongue between John's lips and pressed their mouths
together greedily. If we are going to do this, we better do it well! he
thought.Now eager to explore everything he was feeling, Casey twisted around and
created a sixty-nine, poking his cock at John's wide open mouth at the same
time as he began licking and sucking John's rock hard penis. He savored the
taste of John's stiff prick and the smell of sweat on his tight hairless
balls. He felt John's tongue exploring the head of his own hard cock. As
John swallowed Off Lolita Casey's rod practically down his throat, Casey felt the full
warmth of John's mouth and tongue. He instinctively humped his hips back and
forth as John brought him ever closer to eruption.Then he spread John's legs and explored his butt cheeks with his hands,
admiring the thin line of hair gracing his butt crack. He sucked John's
balls into his mouth and rolled his tongue around them. He could feel John
squirming and heard him whimper as he pulled harder on the skin surrounding
his nuts. Then he pulled back and swallowed John's smooth dick again,
sucking it for all he was worth.Casey almost gagged as John's hips started to buck, and he sensed that his
friend had reached his limit and was about to blow. Casey moaned deeply to
encourage John to ride the wave and spray his throat with semen. He had
never felt such a hunger to swallow before, and he continued to suck on John
's rod with everything he had. Then he felt John stiffen and suddenly surge
after surge of warm semen blasted his tongue and throat. He tightened his
mouth around the shooting cock and milked his friend for every last drop.By this point, Casey's own excitement was well beyond control. He felt a hot
feeling in his thighs, spreading slowly and resolutely towards his hips. He
moaned as the tension gripped him and he lost his breath to the gathering of
his own balls. He felt them tighten with an almost unbearable urgency and
suddenly they began shooting a giant load of juice into his friend's warm
mouth.Casey and John hung on, both breathing rapidly as the last of their loads
coated each other's cheeks. Neither let go, though their cock-heads were
both so sensitive they could hardly stand it when the other's tongue
caressed it one more time.Casey moaned softly as he massaged John's butt cheeks, holding tight to his
naked buddy. He felt John sucking his shriveling cock as if it was a
pacifier. Casey felt an immense feeling of relief. He let John's cock pop
out of his mouth."Man, Off Lolita that was incredible," Casey proclaimed, Off Lolita grinning broadly. He looked
down and chuckled at the satisfied grin on John's face. "You look happy
too," he said."Oh God! Yes!" proclaimed John. "I really am happy! I've been dying to do
that with you!" He resumed sucking and closed his eyes again.Casey could feel himself hardening up again under John's renewed attention.
"Well I guess you have proven a point," he admitted. "I wouldn't have
believed how turned on I would get, going after you like that."His cock felt cool again as John came up for air. "And what exactly did you
find out, pray tell?" John asked."I guess I found out that I can certainly do gay," replied Casey. "But I
still don't know whether I am gay. Part of me is still fighting that with
all my strength."But not nearly as much as before, he thought to himself. And now there is a
lot more I need to know, like whether I can do straight just as well. And
what do I do with my love struck friend here? Casey asked himself as John
continued to suck contentedly on his dick. I never knew I had a gay friend.
Nobody ever fell in love with me before either.Not ready to tackle all this at once, Casey wriggled free from John's grasp
and placed his body back against John's, right side up this Off Lolita time. He hugged
John close to him and savored the incredible feeling of two naked bodies
tight against each other. Whatever comes next, I am certainly glad I didn't
miss this, Casey thought, before they both fell asleep in each other's
embrace.***Looks like Casey is going to manage after all. But where will his new
passions take him? Two more episodes to go. Write me at
mdavincisocialfarts.com if you feel like commenting. If you want a side
trip to my other publications (through an alter ego) make a visit to
www.socialfarts.com and spend Off Lolita
a few moments. If you have a gay or bi theme
or a favorite fantasy that you would like me to build a story around, let me
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